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Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

Maria Facciponti - President

Linda Fekete  - Vice President

Angela Barody - Secretary

Debbie McGuire - Treasurer


PTO Meeting Dates

September 17th 7pm - Lecture Hall
October 18th 7:30pm Lecture Hall

November 16th 9:30am Lecture Hall

December 21st 9:30am Cafe

January 16th 7:30 pm Lecture Hall
February 22nd 9:30am Lecture Hall
March 20th 7:30pm Lecture Hall

April 18th 7:00pm Lecture Hall 

May 15th 7:30pm Lecture Hall


Winter Fundraiser Dates/Events

Incoming 6th Grade Escape Room Challenge- February 22nd 6pm-9pm

MTMS Escape Room Escape Room Event- March 1st 7pm-10pm

Autism Awareness Day- April 2nd

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Monroe Township Middle School PTO

1629 Perrineville Road, Monroe Township, NJ 08831, US